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Best Composting Toilet 2018

Composting toilets are an environmentally friendly and economical choice when it comes to installing a toilet without a sewer nor septic tank. There are even waterless designed composting toilets that are effective and efficient. How Do Composting Toilets Work? Composting toilets are a natural way to process and decompose human waste. If we take a...CONTINUE READING

6 Best Small Toilets for Small Bathrooms 2018

Are you in the process of designing or re-designing your bathroom? Limited on space and trying to maximise functionality and usability of your bathroom? The answer could lay in the size of the toilet you choose. Not all toilets are made equal and the following review will highlight the best small toilets on the market....CONTINUE READING

Best Portable Camping Toilet in 2018

When it comes to camping or outdoor activities, portable toilets are by far the best and most popular option. They are affordable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, easy and practical to use. There are a huge range of portable toilets to choose from so the following post will highlight the best portable camping toilets on the market...CONTINUE READING